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Emerald Eye Rasbora breeding attempt


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The only egg scatterer I’ve bred has been white cloud mountain minnows. All they required was conditioning with food, then moving the prepped adults into a smaller container with slightly warmer water and spawning mops. 

In my first attempt at breeding emerald eye rasboras I replicated this process with no success. 

For my second attempt I have made three changes. My normal water ph is around 7.4 and has a high GH. Now I am using a softer water with a PH of 6.7 and some tannins in it. The second change I made was to cover the bottom of my breeding tank with marbles. White clouds are pretty peaceful parents but I believe the emerald eye rasboras more readily eat their eggs and young so this new substrate should assist in fry survivors. The last change is light. When I bred white clouds the overhead light was one for 8 hours or longer, for emerald eye rasboras the light will be off, they will get dim light only from neighboring tanks. 


The plan is to remove the parents in three days and then observe for three days to see if any fry appear. If that fails I will reevaluate, make a change and try attempt number three.




Here’s the test strips showing my normal water used in breeding attempt number one, and the store bought water used in attempt number two. 


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2nd attempt = Failure 

Despite cleaning the tank out thoroughly I noticed a few tiny planaria crawling amongst the marbles. Either the planaria ate any eggs that were dropped or no eggs were dropped. Before I make attempt #3 I am going to eradicate the planaria with chemicals, do a big water change, and keep conditioning my emerald eye rasboras with live b baby brine and frozen cyclops. 

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