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biological filtration is king/filters are habitats


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Reading a very interesting article on filtration on aquariumscience.org.


incase anyone forgot, biological filtration is king. (as shown on the chart below)


biological filtration = water movement + surface area + time


This is another point in favour of 'seasoning' tanks instead of just 'cycling' them. Maybe we should think of our filters less as a piece tech and more as a habitat in their own right


Turns out that disgusting sponge filter that you havn't cleaned in months is doing the work of the lord.


The brown filter sludge in a filter is for the most part alive and not simply waste. Removing this mud does more harm than good. The purpose of the filter media is not to filter out particles from the water as is often assumed. The media serves as the habitat for a vast array of microorganisms that include bacteria, archaea, worms, ciliates, flagellates, and many others. These microorganisms live in a community that is based on biofilms. The biofilms are created by bacteria that secret extracellular polymeric substance (EPS), which is often called “slime”. The community forms a bioreactor that processes the waste and turns it into food and energy for its members, and ultimately into organic or inorganic products that are then used by plants, evaporate, or removed by water changes. It takes a considerable amount of time to establish this “filter community”; consequently, it is very important not to disturb it unless necessary.”


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