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Zebra Danio Fry Care


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Hi all! 

I’ve just noticed 2 baby fish in my 10 gallon tank. I moved 5 zebra danios out of that tank on November 14. Those were the only fish to ever inhabit that tank, so these little fellows have to be baby danios. 

Since I moved the adults on November 14, the tank has held no other fish, just 2 nerite snails and an abundance of pond snails and MTS snails. I haven’t been feeding it at all since I didn’t think there was anything there to feed. 

Now that I’ve noticed these little babies, it’d be fun if they made it to adulthood. All I have on hand for food is bug bites flakes and nano pellets. I don’t have a local fish store, just a PetCo. I’m not likely to get there till next week, but that may still be faster than trying to order something this close to Christmas. 

Any thoughts? They’ve somehow made it this far, so they must be finding something to snack on. The tank has been a bit neglected of late, so I suppose that’s in their favor. 

I never intended to breed fish, this is just one of those cool things that sometimes happens. But now I’m totally unprepared for it. Any advice is appreciated.

The photos are one of the tank taken today, and a blurry photo of one of the little fellows, circled in yellow. I thought it might give an idea of size.

Thanks all!


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