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Green hair algae issues...

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Currently having an issue controlling green hair algae in my 40 breeder. Tank is approximately 6 months old. Currently stocked with 12 gold shell dwellers, 5 nerite snails. As far as plants I have: 2 Anubias bateri, 2 pogostemon stellus octopus, 2 dwarf sag, and several crypts.  I use both root tabs and easy green (once week - three pumps). For the past few months I can't seem to control the hair algae, and not sure any other fish or shrimp that may eat the algae can coexist with the shellys. I try to manually remove as much as I can but it is stating to choke out all my live plants.  Any suggestions? I have very hard water where I live GH 300+, ph @7.0-7.2, Nitrites 0, Nitrates @ 20-25, KH @45. Temp at 78 degrees, lights on "natural cycle" for 7 hours. First post here, I appreciate the help in advance!



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This was a copy from another thread I posted in on the same issues.


This video all contains good advice , except IMO the use of liquid carbon.

there is also this video, it is incredibly important to keep your surface clean which is a huge component in gas exchange .


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