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Air pump help…


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If it were me I would probably look into one linear piston air pump or something similar. I’m actually looking into one for my fish room myself. Reason being, the filters don’t seem to require a ton or air but as things progress you may decide you need more air lines for different things like breeder boxes or air stones or additional filters or tanks etc. seems to be the way things progress. I suppose battery back ups are nice but that would be pricey, would imagine you could run 2-3 tanks off one, honestly off of most pumps. The usb nanos are nice as well but probably would need more of them. There’s a million options, I think it’s kinda all about how you want to lay it out. Sorry for no specific pumps or brands really, I think it’s all a matter of how you want to lay it out, 1 pump, 15 pumps, 8 pumps, just depends on how your set up is and how you want it to be I suppose

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