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I was going through some old pics on my laptop, when I stumbled upon an old video of my bettas laying eggs (June 2021). Seeing as my parents would be LIVID if I started a YouTube channel, I've sifted through individual frames to find the different stages of the process. I hope this will be informative to all those budding betta breeders out there!


Stage 1 : Male/female pair meet under bubble nest30952005_WhatsAppVideo2022-11-08at7_28.23AM-65(dragged).jpg.e70723cdb00a50f87d7aeb8edc34a061.jpg


Stage 2: The male embraces the female by turning her on her back1612837601_WhatsAppVideo2022-11-08at7_28.23AM-117(dragged).jpg.44e7a4ff0df431f83f6e59f905238f1b.jpg


Stage 3 : The male fertilises some eggs.352882769_WhatsAppVideo2022-11-08at7_28.23AM-460(dragged).jpg.520a8ad1ae2edeffed98abb6f2294516.jpg


Stage 4: The male releases the female, and goes to pick up the eggs released by the female, which he then spits into the bubble nest.758764508_WhatsAppVideo2022-11-08at7_28.23AM-476(dragged).jpg.c6a707b7ddf4c4d807b8f983fb807506.jpg1827497721_WhatsAppVideo2022-11-08at7_28.23AM-613(dragged).jpg.10dc14da8f5884bcdf4bfc969d7d459f.jpg


Stage 5: The end product:BettaEggs.jpg.77603fff224345384b3f212b22eec4a8.jpgBettaUnderNest.jpg.dd0f1933fb6c9c190e592094a302f11a.jpg


And a couple of months later:1104067337_BettaBabe.jpeg.9aa6fe0cb8b347b4b5405e1cb998c3ff.jpeg743656473_BettaBabe2.JPG.6641f9db25936fa69a7eb64eee7fde1e.JPG


The tank was a 15 gal breeder which was a bit 'kitsch', and was planted with some Hygrophilia sp. Have any other members bred bettas?

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On 11/9/2022 at 11:48 PM, Anjum said:

Were the last 2 pics the offspring? How many babies did you get? 

On the first spawn I got 50+ fry, and I was so desperate for a separation system I managed to rig up a sort of air pump with an old computer ventilator (from 2000 something) which meant that I only had to do water changes every other day. I kept most in 1 liter containers made from the bottom of a soft drink bottle. The females were left in the spawning tank, along with their mother. On the second, third and fourth spawn, I only pulled the fry when they started being noticeable, which may have meant I  made less $$ (I only got about 15 on each spawn) but it was way less stressful than doing water changes on 15-20 plastic cups in my bedroom.

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