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Ammonia in my tap water


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A couple of my goldfish had die recently.  After weeks of trying to find out why and with so many water changes, I wasn't able bring my ammonia below 1ppm.  And when I've decided to test my tap water, it was at 1ppm.   I believe my water company recently change my filtration method in which it resulted in ammonia in the tap water.  My options are either keep pouring Prime on every 48 hours after the water change or just use my RO water filter in my kitchen sink for water change.  My RO is at 0 ammonia but it is at 6 ppm on the TDS tester.

Should I try using my RO water for water change?  I know that the RO stripped many of the minerals in the water in which is vital for fish.

Should I use Seachem Replenish ?  How much ml should I be putting it to my tank?  Should I just use aquarium salt or also with Replenish?

Or is there another solution to this?

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Just to let you know, the Prime will release from the ammonia after 24 hours. Source:

So you would technically need to dose it every day and not just after water changes to keep the ammonia in a less toxic state. 

I would suggest doing the RO/DI with SeaChem Equilibrium as a short term solution. For a long term solution, you can consider using floating plants or vining plants like Pothos or Philodendron to act as biological sponges of ammonia and other nitrogenous wastes.

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