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Plexiglass lids


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If you've made your own plexiglass lid, can you share the details of the plexi you used successfully?  I looked at plexi-glass at a home improvement store last week, and for the size and rigidity I need it would cost a fortune.    

  I have appropriate rim clips for the sides and back of my rimless bowfront, but they will not fit on the curved glass at the front.  The material needs to be stiff enough to support itself along the curve.  I know I could cut the lid larger and rest it on top of the rim, but I'm really trying to seat it down on the rim clips and keep a cleaner look.  I also thought about trying to deform a rim clip to seat on the curve.  


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Whatever I use needs to be thick enough to span the width of the tank across the bow front without sagging.  Or, I need to fashion a rim clip that will fit onto the curved glass.  Perhaps if I heat one up, or cut it down to half size I can get one to snap onto the curved edge.

Here is one clipped on to a straight side.



It just occurred to me that if I want to have a hinged lid, I have no choice but to fix rim clips to the curved glass unless I put the opening at the back of the tank.   I'll figure something out.



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