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If you start a new post with a query, after several days you may get an email allowing you to choose which reply was the best answer.


it is not something that appears on the forum page itself as a choice.

So, maybe in a few days CJs Aquatics can choose this answer as the best one…

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here is what the email looks like:


subject line: Did this answer your question?



Hi Pepere, 

There have been replies to your topic, Dwarf Gourami and American Flag Fish. 

Here's what you wrote: 
Posted in Dwarf Gourami and American Flag Fish
I have limited legal options in state for Algae eaters. American Flag Fish are one available option. I have not yet found if they can peacef...

Here's what others said: 
Posted in Dwarf Gourami and American Flag Fish
I keep a couple of flag fish for algae control to assist my panda garras. I don’t have a dwarf but I do have a pearl gourami and the flag fish pretty ...
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Did any of these replies answer your question? There may be more replies than those shown here. 

Help others by going to the topic and use the 'Mark as Solution’ button on the post with the best answer 


In my case, none of the answers directly answer the question, but I will be finding out in anther 6 weeks for myself.

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