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It looks to be some sort of metamorphic type rock with quartz type inclusions.   Ie, sediment that turned to rock from long heat and pressure with quartz that intruded in to it.


I am by no means an expert in geology, but no one else submitted a guess.


if your question is will it affect water parameters, I would not think it terribly likely.

you can pour vinegar on it to look for bubbles as a sign of alkaline reactivity.


you can also place it in degassed water and test for ph changes or gh, kh changes over time.

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Thanks, I found it at the aquarium store and was assured  it was 'aquarium safe. The owner just did not know what exact type it was. Imo it is a cross breed between seiryu stone and a quartz river rock! 🤣🤣 It's a really interesting piece so I didn't mind paying 6~7 dollars on a pet rock!


** disclaimer **

I know rocks don't actually breed, this statement was made for comical purposes!

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On 9/30/2022 at 8:38 AM, Pepere said:

Here in Maine you would be hard pressed to go for a walk in the woods and not trip over something like this.


Bedrock geology in my part of the woods.

I'm from extreme south jersey,  located between the ocean and the pine Barrens.  As for natural rocks here we have your uneventful quartz/river rock,  or volcanic/glass type rock which I believe comes from a long gone glass factory since im unaware of any volcanoes in nj 🤣

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The remnants of the largest supervolcano ever on earth make up the Mount Dessert Island region of Maine.


and Quaggy Joe park in Northern Maine has an extinct Volcano and I believe Mt Kebo in Moosehead lake.


Rocks are Abundant in Maine, not only do we have varied bedrock geology but giant glaciers scoured the lands north of us and brought down an abundant harvest of diverse rocks.   I cant bring myself to buy rocks for my aquariums…

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