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breeding Artemia


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Breeding artemia should be a breece with all the info, found here ...
but I have a little hickup.
I would really like to use some high-quality-artemia-cysts ...
but as I am from Europe, it is a pain to get something ordered from the US, unfortunatly. Otherwise I would certainly order material at A-CO.

Does anyone have advice on where to find the same quality artemia-eggs as A-C-O is selling, over here in Europe?

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Aquarium Co-op has been adding a few countries outside of the US recently so its possible their eggs may be available in parts of Europe in the future. While I am not familiar with some of the products I found I did see some Brine Shimp eggs available on Amazon.de if the hatch rate is as good as the description implies they should work well if you are looking for something sooner.


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