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Hello and a question

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Greetings from Oregon! I really appreciate the no BS approach the coop guys have in their videos, so I've watched a few of them to get some tips.

I'm cycling my first tank since childhood (when my father did all the work). It's a 10 gal tank, the Dennerle NanoCube that comes in the Shrimp King starter kit. I'm thinking of getting an HOB filter instead of the internal filter that came with the kit because I'm a wimp who wants to reduce the amount I have to stick my hand in the tank. 

I see the nano-filter that aquariumcoop sells and the description on the site says it can go up to 10 gallons, but the box and video say 7.5, so can it really do 10? Is there a recommended 10 gal that's both on the quiet and on the cheap side? I'm definitely up for following advice on how to supercharge now and reduce replacements down the line as well.

For background, the tank has the fluval substrate and we've got a few plants (a couple of java ferns, an anubias, a constantly regenerating layer of salvinia), and we're thinking we'd like to get to a point where we'll have a few khuli loach and a small school of tetra or danio and then either an Oto if we're building up algae or maybe a single guppy or something if not just to have a little extra going on in the tank.

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