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Aquarium Coop Test Strips UK Equivalent


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Hi all 

I wondered if anyone knew what test strips were available here in the UK that are as accurate or nearly as accurate as the aquarium coop test strips available to you guys in the US ? 

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I use the aquadip 6in1 they were better value and being sold by a trusted on-line store  (not amazon) when I was trying to get stuff during lockdown.  I believe Tetra are pretty reliable but often expensive always check the number of strips rather than number of tests .  I have seen them sold in in packs of 4  which seems utterly pointless. 

I don't strive for exact numbers I just look to see what is different and if I need to adjust things so the main thing I have to have is the same test strip so trends can be seen. 

I have never compared them to an liquid test  but I feel that using the strips vs the liquid has not massively altered what I see from my tanks over time but it is much easier to do so I am testing more often.

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