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Normal crowntail female betta or egg bound?


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I picked up the most beautiful female crowntail betta at an auction at my local aquarium society this week, only to notice she had a very swollen abdomen on the way home. 

I brought her home and have been keeping in a gallon mason jar short term with 50% water changes twice daily (7.0pH, 78F heater, 0 ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite), but just upgraded to 3 gallon fish safe tub while I figure out what’s happening. I fasted her the first two days, but she has been pooping with no decrease in abdomen size, but scales seem laid flat in a nature position. Appetite has been good since I started feeding this morning.
I talked with my LFS owner and he said possibly egg bound and to research further. I have seen a few mentions that crowntail females can have slightly different body shapes, but I wanted another opinion before going in the wrong direction. 

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At worst, she might be egg-bound, but I've had females that looked like that, which were perfectly healthy. It might just be a different body shape.

Not saying "don't worry about it", because of course if there's anything potentially problematic you should absolutely take care of it. Just, adding to the voice that says there *might* not be anything wrong.

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