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2 Male Apistos in a 20g high?


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I currently have a planted community tank with:

Breeding Pair of Apisto Cacatouides

5 Phantom Tetras

5 otos

I am thinking of taking back the female to my LFS because they began to breed and The male patrols the tank and chases anything that gets close to the bottom third of the tank. The tetras are stuck in one corner scared for their lives making the tank look stagnant. I fear that this is unnecessarily stressing out the apistos and the entire community as well.

My LFS has some Male Apisto Viejita, and am interested in purchasing one. Could i house two males of differing sub species of apisto in a 20 high? would they still become territorial even if there are no females present.

I would be fine with just the original Male apisto but i have fallen in love with the entire species and would enjoy having just one more with different paterns.


EDIT: Could i substitute the female apisto for a bolivian ram?

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On 4/22/2022 at 7:43 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

I've tried the same, and it ended up in WW2, consider putting some dither fish in; or remove the apisto pair all together.

Yeah, I’m going to rehome the female and keep then male. He only seems to get aggressive during breeding, which is literally every two weeks 😂

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