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Dealing with Dead On Arrival Fish…


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Ordered 5 Neolamprologus Similis shell dwellers from Sand City Cichlids. 

sadly 3 were DOA and a 4th was swimming belly up. 5th is alive but it is sitting at the bottom of my tank breathing heavily and barely moving.

I have emailed them to see what avenues we can take. I trust they’ll help me because I’ve seen many great reviews, specifically on Zenzo’s channel, but I’m more concerned about getting a refund/exchange on the 4th and 5th fish. The 4th fish which was swimming belly up I let hang out in my tank after acclimation and it quickly died. 5th one isn’t looking too good either. I’m worried about losing out on 2 new fish to start my colony. My tank is set up with good pH (8.4) for lake tang fish, and no ammonia or nitrites, very low nitrates.

Their policy says clear pictures of the fish “ in the bag”, just don’t feel it’d be fair to classify a fish as alive even though it’s on its last couple of breaths.

anyone dealt with their refund/exchange process before? Any tips on how I should deal with this? 



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On 3/30/2022 at 5:34 PM, Fishguy said:

Have you tested the water, if it's good then I don't think they wouldn't give you a refund. If the 5th dies you probably won't get a refund on it.

how sad/frustrating.

My water was probably not the issue pH is around 8.4 with no ammonia no nitrites and barely any nitrates using the aquarium co-op test strips. 

Thankfully Rick from Sand City cichlids just emailed me back he offered to send me the whole order again at no charge with an extra Fish in just for the wait because they don’t ship on Thursdays.

so I’m pretty happy about that I don’t really think it was their fault it may have been in transport I’m thinking because they have very good reviews. I think the heat was a factor because they traveled all the way from Ohio to Miami and it’s pretty hot down here right now so that’s probably what happened

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