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DIY HOB built


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New project, hang on back modeled after AIO filter with integrated CO2 reactor what do you guys think.  Will look sort of like a HOB refuge.   CO2 reactor works like the green leaf aqua reactor where there is c02 is allowed to slowly disolve into the water as it passes by.  Will need to purge all the air in the co2 reactor chamber on initial setup.  The chamber is also slightly lower so if there is too much co2 and it cuts off the siphon the water will pour over the top without flooding the room.    The fitting at the top of the reactor will look like the second image similar to the gla reactor which makes it easy to purge .  Let me know if you see any issues or have any suggestions to make it better 



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Nice model! Are you trying to make a sort of larger aquaclear? 

For the Co2 reactor, I would suggest you put the Co2 input by the pump outlet so the filter floss/foam will diffuse it. Also, I assume that there will be a hook of some sort to hang the filter on the back of the tank, as well as an output pipe?

With the heater compartment, it looks like it is on the opposite side of the water flow. If you have a heater in the filter, it is EXTREMELY important to make sure it has excellent water flow, or it may melt a hole right through the filter. 💦 

I would also recommend some sort of an overflow in case it becomes clogged. I would have a notch above the input tube that allows water to fall back into the tank if the level gets too high due to clogged media.

One more thing, what software did you use to render that? That looks really good. Almost like the pics fluval has on their boxes.

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Thanks for the reply

I found an open box deal for a cpr aquafuge 2 hang on refugium.  The pump attached to the intake on the front and stays in the tank.  Its much bigger than an aquaclear and holds 3.6gals. Its more like a hang on back sump


I really like reactors vs diffusers for c02.  You don't get any of the micro bubbles in the display.  They differ in that instead of misting tiny bubbles and letting those disperse, the c02 is captured in chamber and as the water passes by it is slowly absorbed.  Its similar to that coop video( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg1u-XVMU3Q around 8mins in), I have a gla reactor at the moment. i do like that lack of bubbles and i also find it uses less CO2.  

overflow should be ok all the baffles are low enough that if everything does clog it can't flow over the top will just spill out the spill way

software is solidworks.  Its very expensive but i work as a engineer and the company pays for it.    


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