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Shrimp dying on me


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This morning I came in to my room and noticed a dead shrimp one the ground. It look a little damaged but I think it was the other shrimp in the tank nibbling on it. tank has been set up for  3 mouths and have had them for 4 weeks. Other shrimp seem the be fine. My water parameters seem to be fine. 
PH - 7.0 

Nitrates - 0

nitrite - 0 




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Thats tough, im sorry for that.

One thing to know is that random fish/ invertibrate death happeneds a lot. And its the worst kind of deaths because you dont know what happened. Theres WAYYY too many possibilities. Your paramaters seem fine.

The rest of the shrimp I'm sure will thrive, all though keep an eye on them the next few days.

Good Luck!

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