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Just wanted to show off the progress of my Fahaka Puffer Pete. He is my thord attempt at keeping a puffer. I had went through my lfs the first two times and both times they showed up sickley and half dead from the start.  Being me I figured I had a better shot at bringing the fish out of it than most people in my area. I guess Im not quite as smart as I thought lol. This was my 3rd and final try.  This time I ordered it online from a company called petzone and you vould tell this fish was quarantined and medicated prior to selling cause he  was fat and happy when I recieved him.

Anyhow heres a few pics of my 6month old fat Puffer in my 75G Grow out.  I also have a 120 that will be his forever home.  I wanted to throw him in my cichlid tank to see if they are as aggressive as the internet says they are.  As of now this puffer is the most laid back fish in the tank.  Time will tell if it will stay that way.  I love putting the internets Rules to the test lol.  Hes been in this tank fpr approximately 3 months







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