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Snail query


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Can anyone help please? My two snails have been inactive for over a week now. I initially thought they were dead, but there was no horrible smell and when I touched the bit at the bottom, they seemed to shrink even further into their shells.
However I have noticed some white "fuzz" forming and Google doesn't seem to give a definitive answer.
Are they actually dead? Hibernating? They were very active when we bought them several weeks ago.



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I’m fairly new to nerite snails but have read they cannot flip themselves over like mystery snails. Your pics show them on their sides and maybe they were attached to the glass at some point. Can you place them back on their foot?  One thing I know is that snails smell horrible when dead. Definitely not something you’d misinterpret. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can chime in. Good luck with them. They’re great cleanup crew. 

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