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Hello from MA!


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Hello! I'm a young aquarium hobbyist who has been interested in fish keeping since my dad bought me my first tank for my 8th birthday (he was kind enough to maintain it for me). When we went to the pet store, my mom wanted us to get a goldfish in a bowl, but my dad was set on a "real" tank with a school of tropical fish and everything they needed. Since then, my family has kept tanks on an off, and I eventually invested in a 20 gallon and set up a community tank. After taking it down and giving away the fish because of a move, I finally got back into the hobby this summer (probably because I've been spending a lot more time around the house : ) and am working on building a heavily planted tank.

My water is very hard and I didn't want difficult fish, so I settled on White Cloud Mountain Minnows (a yellow type from Vietnam, I think) after watching Cory's "Best Beginner Fish" video and doing a ton of research. They just went in a couple of days ago and I'm already loving their color and movement.

I'm a huge fan of Aquarium Co-op's videos on YouTube (hence the White Clouds) and I also love Irene's advice over at Girl Talks Fish (hence my frogbit setup). I just joined this forum because of a question I had about a betta tank, but I think I'm probably here for good. The idea of a forum specifically about fish keeping that prioritizes caring and respecting others is right up my alley.

That's all! Can't wait to be a part of this community!


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