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are these good parameters?


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well, according to cory's test strips, (which I just got and they're great) GH is 300, KH is 80, PH is 7.2, nitrates are 50, nitrite is 0, chlorine is 0, ammonia is 0.

I don't know anything about GH and KH, are those good numbers to be at? (for the record I have 5 platies and 2 honey gouramis in a 10 gallon if that information is needed)

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Sounds good to me! You can look up the ideal water parameters for your different fish but that all sounds in the ballpark. Gouramis typically like softer water and platies love hard water, but they're both adaptable. If the gouramis seem happy and healthy, you're fine.

My only concerns are:

1) that many fish in a 10 gallon. I think the honey gouramis alone would fill up that tank. Do you have any female platies? Because if so, they'll probably give birth and crowd the tank even more. You can still keep them all together, but be prepared to do a lot of water changes.

2) 50 ppm nitrates are the upper limit for me. You'll probably want to do a 20-30% water change pretty soon.

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4 minutes ago, marionmaymay said:

I do a lot of water changes lol they seem to be okay. 

my nitrates always seem to be that range, I don't know what the deal is, I wonder if it's the plants?

Plants consume nitrates, so the solution might be more plants! Have you tried testing your tap water? Sometimes it can come out of your tap with nitrates in it.

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