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  1. Do you mind sharing the dosage of salt you'd suggest?
  2. Apologies, clarification: I have filters running with no carbon inserts and just foam due to metroplex/sulfaplex treatments. There is a submersible filter providing surface agitation for oxygenation in this quarantine tank. (See pic) Gasping began when the fish was brought home, not a new development nor changed with adjustments to filtration and treatments. Second pic is how it started, third is how the area progressed over one week.
  3. I recently brought in this (fella?) And noticed a spot that became darker in the days following arrival. Am treating with Sulfaplex and Metroplex and the low dose seemed to have helped the spot become lighter but it did not resolve completely. It is also doing this gasping action a few times a day- almost like something is caught in the mouth or trying to blow up with no success. Poor friend isn't too interested in food, although did just rip the face off a Colombian ramshorn and ignores bloodworms. Ph: 6.5 Nitrates/Nitrites: 0 Ammonia ( having an issue with no filtration, doing water changes to keep it low) .25 Temp: 76-78 Any help/thoughts are appreciated!
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