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  1. I found this on my Anubias today and not sure if its safe for my fishes. Can anyone tell what it is?
  2. My ranchu got swim bladder when I fed it saki sinking pellets. I'm trying to find a good flakes for him so he can digest easier.
  3. What are some Ranchu/Oranda feed that's best on sensitive eaters?
  4. What are some good branded flakes you recommend?
  5. Okay, so this time I shake it for two minutes to make sure this time. It shows 10-20ppm can't tell but is orange now. Thanks for the advice.
  6. I even test it on my tap water and is 0ppm. I maybe do another water change tomorrow
  7. Yes I been shaking it for 30 secs
  8. I use Api fresh water kit
  9. Hi, Is been a few days with the Epsom salt treatment, and seen some improvements on him.
  10. no I'm not using any fertilizers. My fish seems to be doing fine at the moment, I have one ranchu that has mild swim bladder that i'm currently treating.
  11. Help my nitrate is at 80ppm. I did a water change about 60 precent, and I check the water again is still at 80ppm, so I did a 70 percent water change again and is still at 80ppm. What do I do? Should I buy denitrate? Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 5.0ppm Nitrate: 80 ppm
  12. Yeah I have.. but is mostly transparent or the colour of his food.
  13. I notice his belly is firmer than my other Ranchu
  14. I just bought Kanaplex for $18 off ebay. I hope it arrives soon.
  15. If it doesn't get better than a week. Is it possible to find other medications, since in Canada is hard to get Kanaplex etc. I hope the fasting works and Epsom salt. I order Kanaplex on Ebay, but it won't arrive on time.
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