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  1. After tearing down a tank recently, I have something like 100 ramshorn snails that I pulled out. My other tanks are similarly stocked and I don’t feel the need to add more. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do with my spare snails that doesn’t involve No Planaria and the trash?
  2. Update: Metroplex hasn’t yet helped. One by one I’ve lost the half of the community tank including my male Apistogramma 😞 I tried quarantining the sick but it didn’t help. 1x Apistogramma 13x Black Neon Tetra 7x Cardinal Tetra All gone in 2 days with minor fin rot and, often, a large smooth white patch somewhere on their body. I feel helpless.
  3. On a tangent, Aquarium Coop are really difficult to get in-touch with. I was trying to inform them that their cardinal tank probably has bacterial contamination but the only email address I could find was for shipping. I sent it there anyway.
  4. I've ordered a kanaplex, metroplex, focus and garlicguard pack for tomorrow. Will treat even if there are no black neons left by then (it's not looking likely).
  5. Over the last 24 hours I've lost 7 of my original 11 black neon tetras. From what I can see, they start flashing, then swimming erratically before losing bouyancy control and eventually dying. I can't see any outwardly consistent symptoms other than fin rot in one or two of them. I've had them for about 2 months and they share a planted tank (with airstone) with 2 apistos, 2 plecos and 12 cardinal tetras which were added in the last week. All other fish seem fine. Water params: - Ammonia/nitrite = 0 - Nitrate = 10 ppm - Buffer = 80 ppm - Hardness = 150 ppm - pH = 6.8 - Temp = 79.5 F
  6. Some (~50%) of my Bristlenose fry (first seen today) appear to be white. Is this a developmental thing, genetic variation or an issue? I'm quite surprised as both parents are regular Bristlenoses.
  7. I'm also worried about my snails. I really like them and they're doing a great job keeping the tank clean and balanced. I've read quite a few reviews or anti-parasitics that say they were unable to re-introduce snails even months after treatment. I've read that mollies are really keen on hydra and get on okay with Apistos, so I think I might pop to Aquarium Coop and see if they have a couple.
  8. I have a 32 gal planted tank which has 2 week old Apisto fry in a breeder box and, as of this morning, BN pleco fry. Unfortunately this morning I also noticed that a hydra infestation has bloomed (though there are none in the breeder box itself as far as I can see). Advice I can find online seems to suggest I stop feeding small foods but doing so would starve the Apisto fry. I have one other cycled tank currently holding silvertip tetras that I could move the Apisto fry to, but I'd be reluctant to do so in the breeder box as it undoubtedly has hydra on the outer surface and would introduce them to the second tank in numbers. I have no idea what the best course of action is and am suffering a little analysis paralysis. Does anyone here have a suggestion for what to do?
  9. Some people asked me to follow up on the Apistogramma fry I mentioned in my intro post. So, I thought I'd journal their progress here with some pictures 😊 The fry began free-swimming about 14 days ago now, spawned by an "Orange Flash" dad and "Triple Red" mom in a community tank with two Bristlenose Plecos and 12 Black Neon Tetras. Mom was doing a very good job at protecting her spawn but, since I only had one cycled tank, I couldn't separate her and the dad. This made me nervous about a second spawn and the fry being eaten. I moved the fry to a Ziss Breeder Box within the original tank and have been feeding them a mix of live baby brine, frozen cyclops and daphnia 3-4 times per day since - occasionally putting some snails in with them to do some cleanup. I'd estimate somewhere between 30 and 40 fry have survived the first two weeks, which is terrifying as I'm pretty sure they'll expand to take up all of the 4 extra tanks I now have cycling before I can find them new homes. Video of the fry:
  10. I'm assuming that's a typo and you mean the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society? I've just recently joined, but I haven't been to a meet yet. I'm super excited to do so, though. The male is from Aquarium Coop, the female is from The Fish Store. I did get a female from Aquarium Coop originally but the male harassed her to death within the first week, unfortunately 😐 Thank you all for such a warm welcome!! 😊 I'll be sure to provide updates on my fry in the appropriate section.
  11. Hi ☺️ I'm new to the hobby in the Seattle area. I'm currently running a planted, 32 gallon, South American freshwater community tank with: 1 x Apisto. Cac. "Orange Flash" (M) 1 x Apisto. Cac. "Triple Red" (F) 2 x Bristlenose Pleco (1M, 1F) 12 x Black Neon Tetra (9M, 3F) 5 x Nerite Snails (???) 2 x Ramshorn Snails (??? - I didn't even buy these, they just appeared!) Additionally, my Apistos just spawned - after only 5 weeks - about 30-40 fry, so I've had to learn quickly. Find pictures of all below and a video of the tank at night here: https://imgur.com/a/brLfvUx I've fallen deep into this hobby fast. I'm cycling a further 2 tanks (20g, 16g) and have 3 awaiting setup (16g, 2 x 10g). I absolutely love the unique personalities of all of my fish and enjoy the challenge of keeping their water parameters in the right place - finding out what works and what doesn't.
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