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  1. Also, i didn’t follow the instructions on the medications. I followed the aquarium coop “how to use the quarantine medication trio” directions. Correct or not?
  2. I thought the same. So I removed some wood that had edges. I have filter sponge over both intakes on setup of the tank. Otherwise there’s just plants in the tank, nothing sharp. The medications I’ve used, is it enough to treat fin rot if that’s the cause? Should I retreat after 7 days? I know antibiotics can make them weak and not feel good, but when would I know what I’m doing isn’t working and I need to intervene?
  3. 3yr old goldfish in 75 gal with two 8 mo old goldfish. His top fin had a small tear a few weeks ago. I purchased the Fritz paraclease and maracyn. I treated the entire tank with the 2 plus inch-x 5 days ago. I noticed some of his larger tail fins are splitting now. Not as bad as the top fins. The 2 younger fish look healthy. One has a minor spilt. The 3 yr old is active when I’m around but mostly rests in the corner. The 2 younger are active but will cuddle with the 3yr at times. I have two 75 gal hob and two sponge filters. I do a 50% water change weekly. I’ve treated the tank on and off with prazipro because one of the younger ones came with worms and I’m not sure if they’re completely gone. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5, ph 7.6, gh 12 drops, kh 6 drops. Im emotionally taxed. Id appreciate any thoughts or advice.
  4. So it looked my betta had fun rot, so I started maracyn 2. After 4 days the aquarium glass is covered in fine white 0.3 cm worms. I tried taking a pic but they’re not visible. I have multiple snails in the aquarium too. Should I be concerned?
  5. Thank you. I welcome the algae because it’ll give my snails something to eat but the rod looking ones are unappealing because they look wormy and gives me the shivers. Anyway as long as it’s safe for my snails and fish 🙂
  6. Hope the pic uploads. Anyway. This tank has been cycling for 2 months (it’s done cycling) there’s live plants and ornaments, I plan to add snails to clean up the algae growth before adding a betta, but I performed a water change and noticed some rod shaped algae??? It’s not moving so I’m assuming it’s plant. Idk. I’m grossed out by it and need to know how to resolve it. Any thoughts 🙂
  7. Thank you. Makes sense. I have 2 sponges filters, 2 hobs, (75 and 110 Gph). I’m new to fishing. Now I want to minimize. Thought of going with a canister and ditching the hobs. But some are more affordable than others. Was curious how much flow I needed. I’ll be sure to get 200gph.
  8. I watched a few of Cory’s videos on beefing up filters. On the hobs, does the Gph need to be 5x the size of the tank? Does it really matter on Gph, because if someone is only using sponges filters, how much Gph is it producing? I have 3 fancy goldfish in a 75gal, and trying to figure out how much Gph filter I need it, and if it really matters.
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