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  1. Help! I just hatched a whole lot of black skirt tetra fry, and 24 hrs after hatching dropped in some baby brine shrimp. Then I read that baby brine are too big for their mouths. I also read the remains of the tetra eggs should be removed/unhatched eggs. Can anyone confirm any of this, and give advice on next steps?! No clue how I’m going to get the eggs out the tank!
  2. Thanks! I will give those a try.
  3. I’m trying to breed my long finned black skirt tetras - 2 male 2female together.Im using a 10G tank (soft water, pH6.8, 79F, low light). The males are chasing the females but they’re not scattering any eggs. Both females are round and heavy with eggs. Any suggestions? This is my first time trying, so basing all this on YouTube videos.
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