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  1. Question: what is the difference between the red USB port and the blue USB port on the USB Nano Air pump?
  2. So I have been reading about crushed coral. I am assuming Wonder Shell would do the same thing. I was concerned that my pH is already high, but from what I read, if your pH is already on the high side it doesn't move as much as the KH does. Is that your experience?
  3. I don't really understand buffering. I know it will help prevent swings. So shells will raise or lower my KH? Twice I have tested KH and it was 70-80ppm. I had fish die when I first added them. My ammonia and Nitrite were 0, Nitrate was 5ish. Then I found out my pH was higher than I thought. One of the guys at my LFS said I would have issues with pH that high (8-8.2). Apparently their pH is 7ish. I am trying to decide if when I do a water change, I should have water sitting for 24 hrs to let the pH settle where it will (comes from the tap about 7.4, rises to 8ish in 24 hrs). Or will the rise be gradual enough not to stress the fish? I have 2 Otos, 6 pygmy corys and 3 Golden Panda Mollies at present in a 20 gal. long. I do not want to go the route of RO.
  4. Several weeks ago I put some indian Almond leaves in my 20 gal. My well water has a pH of 8ish after sitting 24 hours. I was hoping to bring the pH down into the mid 7 range for a community tank. I crushed some and put them in a bag in the HoB filter and threw a few (my leaves are small) into the tank. It seems that I have accomplished this even with doing weekly water changes. Today was 7.6. Now how do I manage them? I don't want my pH to go much lower. I have not removed any of the leaves (in the filter or in the tank). How often should I switch them out?
  5. I glanced at my tank this evening. My 2 otos are super active, swimming back and forth, up and down, continuously. I have seen the swim around before, not just flit from plant to glass to plant etc., but not like this. Is this normal behaviour?
  6. ok, Thats a thought. Thanks
  7. I do plan to add more plants, but this is directly at the food source. Otherwise they get along fine.
  8. So, did I make a mistake? I bought 3 male Golden Panda Mollies. I have a 20 long and don't have room for babies. I am realizing now that they are going to outgrow this tank eventually but that is ok since I plan to have a bigger tank when I have the room. My issue is that they seem to be very aggressive with each other over food. They are not bothering the Corys or Otos, except that one of the foods they are aggressive over is the sinking algae wafers I put in for the Corys and Otos. One of them seems to be the worst, but they all are displaying this behaviour. Tomorrow I will try putting two wafers in, one at each end of the tank and maybe they will settle down?
  9. They arrived last week. So should I be letting my water sit for 24 hours before adding to the tank for a water change?
  10. ok, Thanks for the replies. I kinda thought the API kit was the more reliable. I was just a little surprised to see such a difference.
  11. After having my tank going for 1.5 months or so, I decided I could do some quick testing with multi test strips rather than the API master test kit. I am confused by the pH results. Before I set up my tank I tested the pH of my well water from the tap. It came out to 7.4. After losing some of my first fish I tested the pH again (Ammonia and Nitrite were 0, Nitrate was 5ppm). My pH with the API master test kit came back at 8.2. The fellow at my LFS said to let my tap water sit for 24 hours and then test it again. It tested at 8-8.2ish. I have added some Almond leaves to the tank but the pH doesn't seem to be budging according to my API test. I bought the Aquarium Co-op test strips and my pH has tested between 6.4-6.8 (6.6). Why am I getting such a difference in my pH? All the other tests on the strip seem ok.
  12. I am using a pump that I had lying around from making comost Tea ... I don't know what it is. My issue with the airpump now seems moot since my new HoB has gotten loud in the past 2 days ... not sure what is going on. I have both types because I am treating my water for high phosphate and pH.
  13. thanks, I will look for a gang valve also.
  14. Mine is very noisy. I want two outlets. Thanks
  15. Thanks for all the replies. Yes I have plants, they went in the first day, and a few more a few days later. I will keep on as I am. It will likely be a few weeks before I consider getting fish. I am just using some aqueon flakes.
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