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  1. thank you for the information
  2. Thank you. I will let whoever takes it know. What would minimum size tank be for the pleco? I have heard 75 gal minimum just want to make sure it will have proper room
  3. The plan is to rehome it. I am just wanting to know if it can still have a full life. And want to be able to let whoever takes it know what to expect. my concern is the organs maybe already too crammed together and am wanting to know if given proper size tank if it is possible for it to grow better and still have a full life or if life expectancy would be already too damaged.
  4. I would say 6"+. Small compared to the one they rehomed a couple years ago that would be the same age.
  5. well my mother in law is planning to give me their 10 gallon set up which has a male betta and a common pleco in it. If she can get the one kid to agree and does, I will be rehoming both the betta and pleco. My question is the pleco is already a few years old and I know they typically require a much larger tank, is it too late to rehome to a bigger tank (since I don't have a bigger tank myself nor the room to set a bigger one up) and it be ok or is it's life already too shortened too much by being stunted by the small tank?
  6. well I got started setting one tank up as I have my first few trios coming next week. After I took this picture, I added a small anubis plant and a baby java fern from my bigger java fern in my established tank and added water last night. Added heater and light last night. adding sponge filter out of my established tank tonight and putting new sponge filter in the established tank. water is cloudy in it and established tank. I think I am having a bacterial bloom in my established tank. I also have a pot with water in it on top of the drift wood to hold it under water so it can start sinking
  7. so I took another step. I bought a binder, pager separators and loose leaf paper and set up sections for what stock I buy from where and when, what I am breeding and to what / results etc., what I am selling and for what, and what I am trading and for what. If there is anything else that would/could be pertinent to keep track of please let me know. I also found the stock I want and got the price. going to be expensive but worth it. Thank you,
  8. Thank you for the information. The roots are what is in the substrate it is barely even stuck in the substrate but I had nothing to glue to my rock with so they are weighted
  9. my java fern seems to have a new plant starting in a leaf. Do I remove that part of the leaf or try to remove the plant from the leaf and replant it in the substrate or leave it?
  10. Thank you. I am quite enjoying even gathering what I need. Any suggestions for substrate?
  11. So I went to the river and picked up some driftwood for my tanks. Now to clean it up. I also got two heaters for my aquariums for $12. One more heater to go for now. Then it is lights and filters. I am placing pictures of what I got last week and yesterday.
  12. Ok first off I apologize I have not gotten new pics put up. I just picked up two ten gallon tanks for $20 brand new at petco. 1 will house males the other will house females. I picked up the 10 gallon with stand for $20 Saturday that will be divided as grow out tanks until I can have more room. next step is to clean the aquariums and start picking up filters, heaters, substrate and plants so I can start setting them up and cycling them. I will get pics soon. I also found someone who offered to send me snow white guppies he bred himself.
  13. ok so yesterday I picked up two small so called Beta tanks (way too small to really properly house a beta or any fish for that matter and no filter no heater). and this weekend I am picking up a 10 gallon with stand for $20. The betta tanks were given to me. Once I get my program going and get things set up with the new facebook group and we start hopefully having some fish swaps. I figured the little betta tanks would be good for display for swaps as it would not be feasable to pack a big aquarium to meet ups. Still have not got to go talk to my friend but hopefully soon. So far that is the progress on my journey. I have messaged someone about 2 29 gal tanks they are wanting to sell but so far no response to the last message. Hope all are having an amazing day I will post pics of all new items this weekend
  14. LRB is out of guppy grass. 😞
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