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  1. pH - 7.0 Nitrates - 20 Hardness - 60 Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 80 Water Temperature - 79 Hey everyone, Since yesterday, my triple red apisto had this little mark on the side of his head. I can’t tell if it’s a parasite or if he scratched himself. Any suggestions?
  2. Just in case I will remove them. Thanks everyone
  3. I live in south Florida, everything is invasive at this point lol. I saw the culprit last, they are Cuban tree frog tadpoles.
  4. Hey everyone, first year setting up an outdoor pond and I had a quick question. I just found a ton of tadpoles in my 110 gallon pond. Should I be concerned or will they not be an issue for my guppies and bristlenose plecos?
  5. Thank you, I will try that right away
  6. Hey there, my bettas left pectoral fin has turned clear and shows inflammation at the base, it started about a week ago and started quickly. Any thoughts to what it can be? pH - 7.0 Nitrates - 20 Hardness - 60 Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 80 Water Temperature - 78
  7. Interesting, the only problem is none them look like the original male. Ill have to verify if that even was a “copper”
  8. Hey everyone, I had a quick question. I got a trio of “copper” guppies a few months back and after guppies doing what they do best I have a whole colony going. My question is this, based on the pictures, do they all look like “copper” guppies or was I sold mixed guppy strain and this the results?
  9. Unfortunately one passed away. Here is a pic of how it looked. Could it be columnaris? I started dosing Maracyn three days ago and the other one is starting to look better thankfully.
  10. No, I’ll get some in the morning
  11. Hey everyone, new here. I have a pair of Celebes halfbeaks and they have this film on the back half of their bodies and now one has a lesion. It all happened very quickly to. One day they were eating fine and then the next they won’t even react to food. It’s super frustrating because they are my first pair of them. I started treating with maracyn on the 2nd but I haven’t seen any progress yet. Any help is super appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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