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  1. ok so I may be asking about something that aquarium co-op doesn't sell. I watched a video they had with these but can not find them now on the website. have they been discontinued. like always thanks for you help.
  2. I have a 45 ordered. do I need to run it on a loop. I will only have my tanks on 2 walls. will a L shape be fine or do I really need some kind of loop. I have never built anything like this so it's all new to me. thanks guys
  3. I just looked and Cory is out of what I am looking for. I want a jemco linear piston pump. where can I find the best deal on them now. thanks for the help guys
  4. well I just seen these. has any of you used them yet. how do they compare to the aqua clear filters. thanks.
  5. I have hornwart melting. it's floating the other plants seem to be fine. would low calcium cause this. I placed 2 med. wonder shells in the 55 gallon tank and after 2 weeks they are gone. I also have a cuddle bone in the tank but the wonder shells are totally gone. thank for the help
  6. ok so I put some real nice hornwort plant from one of my other tanks in a newer tank. the plant is no turning brown and dropping it's needles. I have put plenty of eazy green in. will they come back or should I just pull it now and save the mess it is making of my tank. thanks
  7. they are at the water line. I tried to get a photo but to small to see when I zoom in it's all blur
  8. so in my shrimp tank I just seen swimming what I would call worms. 2 or 3 about 1/8 to 1/4 inches. the were silver in color and maybe some dark vertical stripes. mostly the silver color by a lot. I have never seen this. I got this tank used with some substrate and plants. any ideal what I am dealing with. thanks
  9. well I am looking for a good place to buy these online as I can't find them close to me. would any of you know where I can buy good nerite snail's for my tanks. thanks for your help
  10. well maybe nobody needs one of these but I thought I would show what I built to seal the shrimp in my tank so the can not get out.
  11. thanks for all your help. you guys are great for a new guy to the hobby
  12. ok just to let you know I am very new to this hobby but I love it. I am looking to add nerite snails to the tanks. I just would like to know if there is some kind of number per tank or gallon. thanks for your help
  13. ok so you are talking to a real rookie here. I would like to hatch brine shrimp for my tanks. now if I have more than I need is there a way I can freeze them and feed them later. thanks for your help
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