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  1. Of course Cory has a video! Thank you
  2. Thanks! Cups should work provided I take the hides and equipment out. I'll try this as yes, you are right nets can damage the slime coat.
  3. I have some chili rasboras in quarantine and they are tinier than I expected. They will be added to a 20 long with some pygmy cories in a few weeks. My question is, does anyone know the best way to net/catch these guys when their quarantine is over? I'm thinking take out the filter, heater, hides, etc., drain the tank low, and use two nets to catch them? Suggestions? These guys seem like they'll be hard to get. I've never received fish so tiny before, even my pygmy cories seem larger!
  4. I live in South Florida, so moisture is basically a condition of existence down here haha. I think I'll have to be that person in the hardware store sifting through every board looking for the best possible one. Thanks again everyone for your help and advice!
  5. Thank you so much for your thorough response. I think I see what you mean about the center of the tree. And you are correct, unfortunately I don't have the tools or knowledge to start cutting and pasting wood. I appreciate your reply and will definitely take this under advisement when I get myself to the hardware store!
  6. Thank you, looks like the home depot near me has some southern yellow pine kiln dried. If this warps one more time I am just going to go the garage shelf rack route. Just don't want to give up and spend all that money quite yet! Thanks again! Yes, definitely a consideration. I stained all the boards and the other 3 seem to be holding up well, but I think your idea is good on top of all that. I'll have to check it out when I go to get my new wood
  7. Hey all, Looking for some help with my cinder block rack: Tanks are resting on 2x8s cut to 69 inches. The frontward top piece is warping. (Pics below, you can see the end is cupping) I am going to replace it (again as this has happened before) but I'm getting so frustrated. This is the second time the wood in this position has warped. All the other boards have held up fine! Suggestions on maybe better distributing the weight on this stand or what type of wood might hold up best? PS: The twenty long is getting some rummy nose tetras soon and those 10 gallons used to hold bettas but one died and one was moved to a 5 gallon cube retirement tank because his fins have gotten long and heavy.
  8. Are those the resin/plastic barrels you're using? They look great
  9. Thanks so much! I tried the Jack Daniels barrel myself but I felt like the bottom of the liner didn't touch the bottom of the barrel which worried me. Maybe I can get that plus some levelling sand to build a foundation within the barrel. Thanks again for your help!
  10. Hi! Is that the MacCourt preformed liner? I have one but haven't been able to find a barrel it fits in properly. Do you mind sharing what barrel you're using there with it? I'm planning on rice fish myself if I can find some!
  11. Thanks everyone! I'll have to share my set up after I make a minor repair. I am currently dealing with a 2x8 that has warped pretty significantly. I think this forum is the motivation I needed to go down to the hardware store! Thanks again for the warm welcome!
  12. Hi, I'm Colleen, a graduate student with a study fish room supported by the trusty old cinderblock and lumber rack! I'm excited to be here, as is Duke, the beautiful betta pictured below.
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