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  1. Yes I think is hog choker. We have them in Narragansett bay here in RI
  2. Yes it’s one slab 24 “ the other side is 24” slab with 8” on back.
  3. Thank you guys ! I hope to finish soon but it’s lots of money and time lol. One step at a time.
  4. I recently demo my bad bet room. I exposure floors I put up pine board walls abs really nice slabs. I redid all the electric in room done. I have to insulate the foundation wall and finish that side but it’s a project. It’s lit of money. The picture shown is not the final configuration, it’s just the tanks stacked on the slab for now. There’s going to be another shelf with all 10 gallon individual shrimp breeding tanks.
  5. This is my favorite tank so far. It’s got guppies, some Scarlett Babis , some Cory ton of neocaridina shrimp ( orange and yellows) two long fin plecos
  6. I have 15 of these flounders. I can’t find any information anywhere on them. I believe they may need to go to brackish tank but any information would be so helpful to me ! Thank you so much.
  7. I’m relatively new to fish keeping I’m currently building a room to house 40 tanks. I have 8 now with neocaridina, some live bearer pike killies and freshwater flounder. I’m kinda getting into plecos but I really can’t wait to get my room done so I can raise and hopefully breed Caridina shrimp.
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