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  1. This was my first time ordering banana plants. They arrived brown, a bit slimy, and the leaves were falling off. Is this normal? Will they bounce back?
  2. Its small leaf grass seeds. I do plan on having mature plants added as well, just wanted to try these out too. If it doesn't work, the seeds werent expensive.
  3. Hello! I'm Adam from Wisconsin/Minnesota and I am new to the Aquarium Co-Op forum, shop, videos, etc, and trying to get back into having an aquarium at home. Tomorrow I get a new 40 gallon tank (I've only had 20 or less in the past), and I have been trying to do research on having a planted aquarium. I am starting from scratch, and I have fluval plant/shrimp substrate and some carpet plant seeds. With substrate, do you suggest I add air stones, decorations, etc before laying the substrate down, or wait to add it until after? Also, do you suggest adding fish before or after adding live plants? A local fish shop had dwarf flame gouramis, anyone have experience with them, and have any tips? Thanks!
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