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  1. I do have a soft spot for Africans. They were my first and I love the colors and attitudes. But not sure yet. I've been thinking about apisto's or a nice community tank. The kids are still all over the place, lol. I'm making them so there homework. It started with axolotls and sharks but I had to shoot down those ideas. But fancy goldfish, platys, gouramis, Molly, guppies, and shrimp have peaked there interest. Patrick i wish I could. Do to room and the only wall I can put it on 55 is my limit. 6 more inches would push the tank that much more into our walkway. I have a 120 but just nowhere to put it. Might have to do something outside in the summer eventually.
  2. Thanks! Yeah, there not all up yet. I have to do some reconstruction of there rooms and then build there stands. But I'll definitely get done pictures up when I'm done. Here's my 20L and the 15 flex. My thought with the 15 in my wife's office is to use it for the guppy fry. My LFS gave me 3 so that's all that's in that one for now. If you see anything that is a concern please tell me. Again everything in these tanks are a first for me. Flump i hope so. Lol. I hope it stays fun and interesting for them.
  3. Hello, My name is Chris, I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I had kept african cichlid for years before I had to step away and be the best dad I could be. But now I'm remarried to a wonderful woman and with her 2 kids and my 2 kids and then the miracle that we were blessed with 4 years ago we have 5 crazy kids. Never a dull moment. I've always had the passion to get back in the hobby and was surprised when my wife said i could setup a tank in the living room. So you know how that goes.... right now I have a 20L in the living room soon to be replaced with a 55, moving the 20 into the bedroom, 15 flex in the wife's office, 3 older kids are getting 40 breeders in there rooms, and our little man is getting a 15 flex in his room. Funny how 1 turns into 7, lol! Right now in the 20 I have guppies (5 males & 10 females), 8 neon tetras, bristle nose, African dwarf frog, and 6 anubias nana's. All a first for me. But I'm enjoying learning and the surprised interest from all the kids. That's what led to them wanting there own tanks. They all have there own fish that they want and we're going to learn and grow together. Because, everything they want i have no experience with. That's what led me to aquarium co-op. I started my research and found Cory's video on how to hot rod your filter. Then found his podcast and started from the beginning and listening to it everyday while I'm driving and working. Wife's finding out how much of a fish nerd i really am. But anyways, I'm glad to be apart of this group and I'm sure I will have many questions while my family and I start growing this great hobby in our home. I don't know if I will be any help for anyone, never know. But I'm looking forward to talking and learning from everyone. Thanks Chris W
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