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  1. Awesome information!! I really appreciate the help. How much seachem iron would you recommend using each week assuming I keep doing my usual easy green too? I have a 45 gallon tank
  2. My tank pH is 7.0 Water is 120 GH, 80 KH I usually use three pumps of easy iron once a week with my five pumps of easy green. let me know if you need anything else to help
  3. Thank you all for the info!! I'll give these suggestions a try!
  4. I've had the plants in my tank since last March. They've looked healthy until about the last month or so.
  5. Hi all, Check out my anubias and Java fern. They’ve been doing downhill the last few weeks but are still sprouting new shoots. I use a fennex 24/7 light. Starts at 9am and daylight ends around 6pm. Its not on full light the whole time. I dose with Easy Green once a week with some iron. Anyone have an idea why the plants are looking so bad? Any feedback would be appreciated!
  6. Thank you! I actually posted some photos in the photo section of the forum if you want to go check it out
  7. You won’t give him back I promise lol
  8. Thought I’d share the rest of my clean up crew in the tank. Can’t brag enough on how great my SAE did with hair algae.
  9. Correct! I got her back in May. She was the size of a quarter and now has grown a lot.
  10. Awesome photos! I’m hoping to get some cherry shrimp for my nano tank project
  11. Beautiful! Love the breeding pair!
  12. Let’s show some love to our favorite clean up crew. Post photos of your algae eaters. I managed to get a few of mine in one shot.
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