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  1. Hello fish friends, I have a young male dwarf gourami who has a gray dot on one side only for 4 months. This dot seems to be under his scales and it morphs at times into a whitehead like bump and once that bump turned into white cotton sticking out. The dot sometimes changes a little in shape but there is only one and it doesn’t move. I have treated him in a Q tank with: Maracyn (columnaris)2 cycles No change Paracleanse (skin flukes)2 cycles No change Expel-P (internal parasites)2 cycles No change I am currently in week 2 of a treatment of microbe lift (anchor worms fish lice) so far no change 10 gal tank 77 degrees Nitrates 0-5(I dose with Prime if above 0) Nitrites 0 GH 300 (well water) KH 80 pH 7.2 Chlorine 0 To be honest, the last fish I need is a male orange gourami because I already have 2 others, but this fish is the only one with this pest and I’m determined to figure out what it is. Any ideas of what I might want to try next? Also do I need to not feed him during treatments? I have been feeding him minimal amounts 2x day and vacuuming bare bottom tank out every 2 days because he isn’t growing Any help appreciated
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