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  1. @mountaintoppufferkeeperit works well with dried spirulina for some reason [imo it shouldnt, but my grandpa insists it based on just the personal preference of fish, he says it works with carinotetraodon irrubesco, never kept those but i think it would work for you] that is an interesting idea i am going to try it out rn [for real] are there any suggestions for tank mates [dither fish or something else in general] i am also going to acclimate them for freshwater a lot of ichthyologist i know agree that it will work for me as i have super hard water and even suggest that i can keep stigmatogobius sadanundio or try dadio i would like your take on this [i have really hard water but its still fresh]
  2. thank you so much everyone i will settle in for the dichotomyctere fluviatilis [it is the most similar looking fish] i have borewell water which is very hard and will be adding rocks to harden it even more my grandfathers quite old but is a professor of zoology specializing in ichthyology he said that he has kept one of those long long ago and he agrees that live and frozen foods do quite well he used to feed them earthworms mixed in with dried duckweed so i hope this one is fine with it to replicate somewhat brackish style tank i will be using a filter with 10x turnover with slightly distributed flow am using a planted tank led cause thats what i have on my hand doing a terrestrial plants aquascape with a hardscape only tank any suggestions are welcome
  3. I Got These Amazing Looking Guys While I Was Traveling Note: These Were Kept In A Pretty Bad Condition I Am Planning To Keep One For Myself And Giving The Other To A Friend They Are From A Chain Store [Will Not Mention The Name Or Place] They Have Improved Quite A Load Since I Got Them I Am Planning To Do & Scape With Houseplants And Rocks Only But Please ID Them And Suggestions Are Always Welcome But Know It, Even If Its & Mbu Puffer [thankfully its not] I Will Keep It not in the best condition but working on it using the methylene blue and green malachite [note: i have a borewell in my house so pretty hard water]
  4. well i did take those things into consideration but i have a lot of caridina Gracilirostris and caridina multidentata, amano's should be fine but the red nose are really sensitive [more sensitive than sensitive caridina's]
  5. well i am trying to get a nice scent from my aquascape by no means my tank stinks but it is in my studio so i would like to introduce a nice smell which will also get people to think that " i have never smelled a fish tank this good, i could drink its water "
  6. i want to do a dry start using fissidens crispulus will it work what should I Do That Will Help The Moss Grow Faster In A Dry Start Has anyone used the crispulus Fissidens i have Used The Fontanus Which Works Fine IN Dry Start But What ABout Crispulus [Very Lil Info On this One]
  7. sorry did not mention the tank size [custom 75 gallon] 180x40x40 cm
  8. thank you so much @Zenzo So To Sum Up i am looking For A Schooling Fish For An AquaScape With A Lot Of Blues PL Suggest What FIsh Which Are Small Will Look Good are boesmani Rainbows An Option
  9. pl let me know what fishes color the best under white lighting or higher rated kelvin lighting and also what fish look better under lower kelvin lighting like 6500k or lower
  10. Please suggest me plants from Borneo it has to be from Borneo but it should not be bucephalandra pl as much suggestions as possible
  11. yep but since saying it the third eye sounds so omnipotent-ish
  12. they are truly a stunning fish and very easy t keep and the dot on their head looks cool too :]
  13. i already have golden killis in the tank for about a month and a half i wanted to add ruby barbs cause they are both from Sri Lanka i do have a lid although it is a rimless tank thanks for the advice tho
  14. I Have A 90P Aquarium i think this should work cause ruby barbs are bottom dwellers but pl letme know and yes ruby barbs are very peaceful
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