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  1. I need a glass lid for my 40 breeder but the only one I can find around me is designed for a tank with a center brace. Aqueon 40b doesn't have one, so I was wondering if I could silicone the two pieces together with a properly sized piece of glass between them? I like the idea of having two separate hinges but I don't know how well it would work. Would I be able to set things on top of it like food bags or prime bottles? I drew a diagram, the blue is where they would be siliconed together. The center piece would be long enough to rest on the front and back lip of the tank.
  2. Oh trust me, I have just as big a budget for that too. I have no idea what these people do for a living and at this point I'm too afraid to ask
  3. Can't wait for their light unfortunately, otherwise it's the obvious choice if only for the warranty and customer support alone. Thanks, I'll check it out
  4. I'm currently being paid to completely redo someone's 80 gallon tank. They're giving me basically an unlimited budget, so I'm taking this as my chance to play with as many fancy toys as possible (within reason). For context, I'm doing a backdrop of val and jungle val, logs with anubias, and a crypt parvo and crypt wendetii green carpet. Should I just go with the fluval light and set up the app for them, or is there cheaper light with comparable/better features. I use wifi timers for cheap nicrew lights myself, but like I said, I wanna play with fancy toys. They aren't opposed to overkill, they bought an fx4 for their single kissing gourami (which I'll be replacing)
  5. I'm looking for this specific fish because it has the exact color scheme I want for a new tank, but unfortunately the only online stores that even list them are out of stock and have been for a while. Does anyone happen to know anywhere I could get my hands on some?
  6. I would just rather a naturally white species for the aesthetic, and I've just never been a huge fan of Cories in the first place. More of a kuhli loach guy.
  7. I already have a Betta with guppies in a different tank, they do fine but I want something different
  8. I started my third tank and since I'm using black sand, I want all white fish as contrast. Right now I have a very cute plakat that's all white with blue pectorals, and a white giant rabbit snail. I'm having trouble finding white schooling fish however. The only options I can seem to find are albino versions of things like glowlight or lemon tetras, which isn't the route I wanna go if I don't have to. The only naturally white fish I can find are skirt tetras but obviously I can't do those. Anyone know anything I could use? I found a pseudomugal species (paludicola) that would be perfect but I don't see them in stock on any website, would anyone know where to find them?
  9. I recently started experimenting with CO2 injection and I decided to get some Ammannia gracilis as my first plant that "needs" CO2. However the stems I received are already the height of my tank, so I was wondering if I could just cut the stem wherever I want? All the specific info online I could find seems either confusing or contradictive. And if I can just snip the stem wherever, can I replant the cut off portion?
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