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  1. It could also be a male killifish, like a gardneri. They have a similar body and fin shape, and can be yellow and pink spangled.
  2. @Guppy Guy, thanks. The fish are all moved to a QT setup in a cooler part of the house now, so heat isn't an issue anymore. Just to conclude this thread, I decided to take the fish out of the display tank and convert them to a brackish setup over the period of a couple of days to help get rid of any parasites they might have. I realize their DT might need to go fallow for a bit too, and that was part of my thinking when I decided to move them QT. Catching them and dipping them every day seemed to stress them, and @colu mentioned that treating with salt in any other way might harm the young ones, but all I'm really only interested in getting at least 1 breeding pair out of this, and right now I have 3 adult males and 1 adult female. I felt like I had to act quickly to make sure none more succumbed. Since moving them to the brackish setup (1.006 SG, at the moment), I haven't had any more casualties and all the fish seem to be healthy and un-stressed. At the end of their time in brackish water I might do fenbendazole before putting them back in the display tank, just to be safe. I'm thinking of starting another thread about treating endler guppies with parasites using salt, so if I have any more questions I'll put them in that thread.
  3. Thanks, I actually do think medaka are pretty cool but it never really hit me that they might also do well at high temps. I like endlers because they're nano, easy, and they come in lost of nice colours (very important to my daughters 😂) and to me medaka colours aren't quite as cool, yet
  4. Thanks for the info! That's great to hear. It sounds like a good fish for Canada with 95 F weeks in the summer and -5 F weeks in the winter 😂 Ok, thanks for the info. We're going to start 2x baths per day tomorrow morning.
  5. Makes sense. The tank has a back chamber with a return pump so the flow is very localized to right in front of the return nozzle. Most of the tank experiences very gently flow, but in the video they were swimming right into the nozzle because usually that's where I drop food (so it gets distributed by the pump a bit). EDIT: After watching the video, it looks like I had actually just fed them.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. We had one more fish die. We are the middle of a heat wave, so there isn't a huge amount I can do to lower the water temp, but the temperature seems like it could also be playing a role in the deaths. @CalmedByFish, the thing about temperature is that the higher the water temperature the less dissolved gas it is able to hold. It's just a function of physics, from what I understand, rather than something directly related to fish biology. I'll definitely turn off the heater. I had read a while ago that endlers prefer temperatures above 78, but now I'm reading that it really doesn't matter as long as they stay at least at room temperature. I'll also start doing the salt water baths like @Colu recommended. How many days would you recommend as a starting point, for the salt baths?
  7. Hi everyone, I've been a long-time Aquarium Co-op fan, but this is my first time posting on the forum. About 6 weeks ago we got 9 endler guppies from a generally very good LFS. There were 4 obvious females, 2 males, and one that has since matured and is now obviously a male. They had bred in the store and all seemed energetic and ate well, so I assumed they didn't have any disease and didn't quarantine. A week ago one of the females gave birth and we have 3 growing fry from her now, but she looked stressed the next day (breathing heavily and hiding) and died two days later. Today, which is about a week after the first female showed signs of stress, one of the males died. The fish all seem lethargic and the ones that have died have been breathing heavily in the final stages before death. In appearance, the fish all seem healthy. I did also see one of the fry flash on a rock once, but it seems like an external parasite/infection is unlikely since the fish all look fine. Maybe he flashed due to ammonia irritation. Here is a video of the fish soon after we brought them home. I've also added pictures below of a group shot, the male who died today, and a (admittedly bad) close up a surviving male and female together that the forum software seems to have flipped. Water Parameters: Temp: 80 F Ammonia: maybe 0? I use the API test strips because I've had allergic reactions to the API liquid test kits for ammonia and nitrate. My ammonia strip was a bit green at the edges of the pad but mostly bright yellow (See the picture below) so maybe there is some ammonia in the water. Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 KH: 180 ppm GH: 120 ppm pH: 7.5 The tank is 12 gallons with a sponge filter, a dirted center island-scape where crypts and rotala are planted, and the water surface is covered in giant duckweed, so I hesitate to say that there is an ammonia issue, because duckweed has always kept my cherry shrimp tanks perfectly clean with the same sponge filter setup. The sponge filter has been established in a shrimp tank for over a year before I moved it to this setup. To address this, so far I've add a 1.5 dose of Seachem Prime (38 drops) straight into the tank in case it's ammonia causing the issue. The tank has had 2 ~40% (5 gallon) water changes since it was set up, with one of them being about 10 days ago. I live in Canada, so my access to medication is limited, but I do have copper drops for ich, "planaria zero," which I'm pretty sure is just a generic de-wormer, fenbendazole, the API salt med. What do you think could be the issue here? We would love to fix this because the tank is at eye level for our two daughters and they love the fish and are excited to keep seeing the colony grow. Thanks, Reed
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