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  1. I have a Nicrew LED, I can't remember if it's the Classic or not, but it's the 48 in her, I believe. I have a 72 gallon bowfront, and I've been using Easy Green fertilizer for almost a year, I think. I wasn't sure if I had low or high lighting, so I dosed about one pump a day (the dosing instructions say low-light tanks should do one pump per gallon per week, and I wanted to spread out the dosing). I have a pretty well-stocked tank with a variety of fish. Most of them leave the plants alone, although every now and then they'll pick off algae and mulm. I did have a six-inch pleco for the past year or so, but she died about two weeks ago. (She was likely a large factor in the melting/uprooting) I do water changes every two weeks or so, siphoning the substrate (though not around the plants: I kind of swirl the water with my hand and siphon it above the substrate without messing up the roots) and scrubbing the walls. When they get a bit too dirty, I replace decorations, clean the filtration and other equipment, and swap out driftwood. Typically I drain about a quarter of the tank, but every few months I do half the tank and rearrange the decor. I use API Stress Coat after each water change or otherwise stressful event (power outages, new fish, etc). I just did a water change, so when it's been a few days I'll do the parameter check and update this. Also, I have never done root tabs or any other fertilizer aside from a Seachem three pack quite a while ago, when I first got plants. Thanks for your responses!
  2. Hello! I'm pretty new to planted tanks, so when I started my current one I bought a variety of different "easy" plants from Aquarium Co-op's website. Only one species, the Pogostemon stellatus "Octopus", took to my tank. I bought a second round of plants that had similar care descriptions as the Pogostemon, and again, all of them melted away and did not return (except for a Vallisneria, which is barely holding on, and some floating Water Sprite). The Pogostemon is doing great; I trim and replant almost every time I do a water change, but I can't seem to figure out why nothing else will survive. Do any of you have any ideas? I can provide more information as needed; I would just like to add more plants and variety for the inhabitants. Thank you!
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