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  1. I should add that no one in the tank has lost energy or appetite. I have seen a few guppies that have that hollow look and they are in isolation, a few fish have had the “stringy poo”, no dread butt worms tho.... yetOut of my dozen or so tanks and small patio ponds, this is the busiest most astoundingly productive aquariums. The guppies, snails and shrimp breed like crazy and the dang mystery snails has laid 4 clutches in the past week! Very confusing!
  2. Gosh, today I wish I had a real life aquarium buddy right now or a GOOD independent aquarium store close by! My trouble is a 30 gallon freshwater community tank with mostly guppies, cherry shrimp, assorted snails and a dwarf cpo crayfishand a trio of dwarf puffers. I’ve seen a few little signs things were not well but I couldn’t figure out - suddenly a number of dead snails (ramshorn, trumpet, pond, but the fancier ones, nerites going strong but now I’ve started seeing some guppies die. I’ve used Aquarium Coop’s trio of meds and thought maybe we were ok, but I gravel vacuumed up a really freaky red worm (nothing like I’ve seen before. It holds on and then stretches out long and skinny. VERY Active. Yuk) my first impulse is to run around my house screaming my fool head off, and next suck out all the gravel and make sure there aren’t more worms in there. There always are tho, right? What do people do in this case? Nobody new in the tank, only newish thing are plants I bought here. Couldn’t come from plants, or could Boring stuff: (Tank’s been running for 14 months with a ph of 7-8 depending on time of day, nitrites zero, nitrates at 20 ppm. GH about 150ppm and kh 120. Temperature 76 degrees. )
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