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  1. Hey everybody! My name's Mark and I'm a fishkeeper down here in Texas. I've only been in the hobby for about a year now after getting into it to help manage PTSD symptoms from military service! I've enjoyed pretty much every second of it(even the hard and frustrating times)it's been so rewarding and great for my mental health! I currently have 6 tanks, all freshwater planted community or Betta tanks! I've got a 29 which was my first tank, a 20 long, three 10-gallon tanks, and a 5.5 gallon. My favorite fish that I have is a Bolivian Ram named Jamie Finn, which is a fantastic(if I do say so myself) pun on the Dallas Stars Captain Jamie Benn. Looking forward to getting to know some people and learning more as a fishkeeper as I continue on in this great hobby! Hope everyone is safe and well in these crazy times! Mark P.S. Here's a picture of my female Apistogramma Macmasteri with her breeding colors on :)
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