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  1. Ok so I have 4 minnows inside a 28 liter and they recently contracted fin rot so I took them all out and put them in a 5 liter whist I cleaned the tank, well one of them hopped out of a small gap in the lid onto the floor, it took me 2 hours to clean the plants, tank, filters, hoses and gravel and when I got all done and re filled the tank and squeezed my other tanks filters in, to help re cycle it, I put the fish back in but only seen 3 so I searched my tank area and no look till I looked on the floor and seen a minnow not moving and looked dead so I just wanted to check so I put it in the 5 liter and I seen a bit of movement in the fins so I put it in the 28l and watched for about minutes of nothing it sank to the bottom but then it just sprung back to life and started eating, Thank God it didn't die now I can carry on with treatment and not have to buy a new male and quarantine it and wait to breed.
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