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  1. Thank you, Ill get him some peas tonight and fees him those. He's already on the medicine trio and I added salt to the tank so not much more I can do if its parasites other than wait
  2. Im using the medicine trio so that should get rid of any parasites, what can I do if its a prolapsed anus?
  3. No I havent used peas, do I get canned or frozen?
  4. Hi, My goldfish's anus has some thing sticking out of it and it seems to have problems going to the bathroom. Ive done the medicine trio and added aquarium salt but it's still the same. Picture attached. Ph 7.8, nitrates 20ppm, nitrites 0ppm, ammonia 0.30 ppm (changed my ammonia filter, did 30% water change, and stopped feeding for a few days), Gh 143.2 ppm, Kh 53.7ppm, temp. 74 degrees F
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