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  1. I did a large waterchange & off i went to get some fish. My kids have waited long enough. I have neon tetras, corys and rose tetras. Thanks everyone ☺️
  2. Sadly, ammonia & nitrite didn"t go down after 24 hours. Ammonia at 1ppm & nitrite at 0.25. As suggested above, i'm gonna do a 100% waterchange today & slowly add fish. What happens if i keep detecting ammonia in my tests? Do i keep doing water changes? Thank you
  3. Appreciate all your help. I'm so happy to see blue (nitrite) today. Am i cycled now? If i am, my plan is to dose to 2 ppm ammonia & fingers crossed in 24 hrs , i'll have zero ammonia & nitrite. Do a 80% water change?
  4. Patience is definitely required on my part. I think i will wait longer. Do i need to keep topping up ammonia at this stage? So confused as i get conflicting advice.
  5. Hi there, has anyone convert a fishless cycle to fish in? I did a fishless with Dr tims ammonia. On day 19 and i didnt top up ammonia for 2 days, im not sure if i stalled the cycle. Amm hit 0, Nitrite is steady at 2 ppm & nitrate 10ppm. I added bit of ammonia after that. What should i do? Keep topping up ammonia, do a waterchange? If i stalled my cycle, very tempted to do a waterchange & do a fish in instead. What are your thoughts?
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