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  1. Thank you so so much for your responses! I read not to let the cloudy water freak me out it will clear and 1 to 2 weeks, correct?
  2. I have a 55 gallon community tank that I have been trying to do a fish in cycle for a couple of months now. When I came home today and tested my water I had zero ammonia, zero nitrites and nitrates were 10, pH 7.8 and my water is cloudy. Does this mean I’m getting close finally?? I guess I’m just looking for confirmation. I realize in the beginning I was over cleaning my tank and never giving it a chance to cycle.
  3. Thanks Colu. She was my BFF… Best Fish Friend! She would swim up to the glass and put her nose to my nose…. She even did it the morning she passed (barely) 🥹
  4. I had been trying the Metroplex, focus, mixed with garlic guard, mixed with pellets and some of her favorite flakes, to no avail. I tried live black worms, not interested. I found her this morning laying on her side. I picked her up and got her closer to the bubbler for some good oxygen hoping it would help,but it didn’t do any good… So I just held her lightly in my hand for about 15 minutes until she passed. I’m so upset but glad for her that she isn’t suffering anymore. I just want to say thank you to everyone for their advice. Even if it was too late for it to help her… It really helped me. I learned some good information and didn’t feel like I was in it alone, and that is much appreciated.
  5. Well it’s good to know it should be fine 😊 Thanks everyone!
  6. Thank you! I was freaking out and I needed to run and get a tank… Visions of water, glass and fish busting every which way! from what I’ve read, I should really only worry if it starts bothering your of course… dripping water.
  7. Thank you! I was frantic thinking I needed to run and get a tank… Visions of water, glass and fish flying every which way! From what I’ve read, I should really only worry if it starts spidering out, or of course… dripping water.
  8. I don’t think my sweet little girl is going to survive. I can’t get her to eat any medicated food so I’ve just been medicating her water. But this morning she was floating kind of slanted on her side. I want so badly to help her I wish there was something I could do.
  9. Hello! I just noticed a scratch on the inside of the front glass of my 55 gallon tank. I can barely feel it with my finger nail. I didn’t know if it was dangerous and I need to get a new tank, or if it is just a superficial eye sore.
  10. Thank you so much for all of the information! I will give an update soon!
  11. When I got back from the store, the white stringy thing was gone… Yay! Here is a short link to a video I just took.
  12. Everyone has been so helpful, especially you @Colu! I went to the local pet store. All they had was a API General Cure but it does have 250 mg of Metronidazole and 75 mg of Praziquantel per packet. I will use that tonight and go to the aquarium store when they open in the morning and get the Metroplex, anything else with that? I did a 1/3 water change last night. Should I do about the same amount tonight? I will definitely detoxify the ammonia until it is zero. Her diet before was mostly Cobalt Aquatics Cichlid flakes with probiotics, her favorite. Omega one Cichlid flakes with omega 3 & 6, frozen blood worms, and freeze dried brine shrimp. Will it be OK to use the medicine I got tonight in her water tonight since she’s not eating and then try the Metroplex with her food tomorrow? If she won’t eat the Metroplex in the food then I would just add it to the water, correct? There is so much to learn about fish. I wish I knew it all but I really feel like I’m doing all I can and I want to give whatever fish I have the best possible life. I am beyond grateful for all of your advice, and taking the time to help! - Kimberly
  13. I don’t use carbon. I just checked her water parameters and I have .25 in ammonia, nitrites are 0, nitrates are 0. Hopefully my tank is starting to cycle, I have some water conditioner that detoxifies ammonia, but I read that .25 is not bad… There is so much miss information out there, is this true or false? She has a little bit more color than she has had in the past few days. I took a video and she has a white stringy poop and I do believe it was there this morning so it’s not coming off and it looks like there might be something in it. I know my camera on my phone is awful. I don’t know whether I should treat her for constipation with peas or treat for parasites, but somehow someway I Have got to get this girl eating something. Does anyone have any thoughts? video was too long. I will try again and post in a minute.
  14. Suggestions? Stop all medication’s and work on getting water parameters back to normal?
  15. My GBR is sick and I don’t know what she has. I think something was carried in on a plant I bought out of an aquarium at a LFS. Not realizing I should quarantine the plant (I feel like an idiot) I’ve treated her with a quarantine trio… ick-x, Maracyn, paracleanse. She has lost her color. I’ve given her salt baths, stress guard, testing her water daily and everything is zero, ammonia, nitrates and nitrates. She hasn’t eaten for about five days. I even tried live black worms last night she’s having no part of anything. I have a couple of pictures they’re not real good I will try to get a video and post later. I have had her for about eight months and I just recently realized a I am over cleaning my tank which means my tank is not cycled. I know that’s awful, I have a 55. Running now cycling trying to get it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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