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  1. Thanks tony! I do have dechlorinator, ill have to get the test strips. I took the lid off to clean a bit so i can add more water to the top later and put the lid back on. Ill get a heater this week, google says 150-200 wats is good for a 50 gallon? Does anyone have any advice on feeding it more protein and wood fiber? I want to get driftwood to add but im not sure if that’s something i can purchase or if people usually go out looking for it? As far as a water change should i try to remove the fish, or can it stay in when i siphon out water and add fresh? Im also unsure about how to add these rocks in, i have a small 20 gallon the fish could chill in while i put the rocks in but how do i get it out? Should i completely drain the water to add rocks?
  2. Hello fish crew. So ive never owned a fish before and dont know anything about the equipment or requirements and im scared of changing the water and killing the fish etc. My ex roommate abandoned a (i think) 50 gallon tank here and a pleco, thats all thats in the tank just a fish. The pleco is about a foot long and i have some algea wafers (not sure how many or how often to feed). There is a siphon which i learned how to use this morning but didnt clean too much because im afraid to add more water at the moment and mess it up. I did rinse the filter out but i dont think theres a heater or anything and i read the water for these fish should be warm. Theres a bubbler and a filter and i believe thats it. I have the water treatment stuff and i bought some rocks at the fish store because the tank is completely bare and sad looking! Any help is appreciated i have never even looked into owning a fish but i want to give this lil dude the best life ever, seems hes had it rough. Thank you all in advance!
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