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  1. Did a 5 day blackout and the water is much clearer now! Not perfect by any means but I can at least see through the tank. I just did a water test and everything still seems within acceptable parameters. Thanks everyone!!!
  2. These pearl-like orbs are forming on my driftwood, does anybody know what they are? Snail eggs??? I boiled the wood and soaked it for 24 hours before putting it in the aquarium. They started forming about a week after going in.
  3. Awesome! I’ll give that a try. That shouldn’t effect my shrimp or loach should it?
  4. I usually have them on from 8-5. If lighting is the issue, will reducing the time help, or too late? I’m essentially running a 2’ shop light with a grow light in it. I suppose it may be too strong - didn’t consider that…
  5. New to all of this… I have a 5.5 gallon with a few cherry shrimp and a Hillstream loach in it. I also have a couple Java ferns attached to fake rocks in the back. Using a sponge filter and a nano HOB (because I thought it would help take particles out of the water). It’s been running for a couple months now, the discolored water started about a month into the tanks life cycle. Water tests say my parameters are all good, so I’m not sure why the water is so murky. Any help would be appreciated!
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