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  1. Hi All, I bought a 5 gallon tank with one betta in it for my daughter. We used Fluval Stratum for substrate. I cycled it for a week, Betta is doing good, water is doing good. I noticed it could use more substrate since we only put about 1 inch and a half. Will adding substrate more raise the ammonia levels? We have live plants, not a whole lot. Thanks everyone, my daughter sends her thanks as well!
  2. Thank you! I'm sure I can give it a go!
  3. Thanks AFNB! I really appreciate the help!
  4. Yes, test is good. Ammonia all the time! 😕
  5. Hi All, I have a strong feeling my dirt/soil substate is keeping the ammonia levels high in my 10gal. I had it for a couple of months now, and I can't keep shrimp, and a fish or two will die after a water change. I would get an ammonia spike after each WC. I eventually lost my live stock. When I added the organic soil, I didn't remove the twigs or bark that's mixed in (noob mistake). I think it's taking longer to "break-down" and spiking the ammonia. I have live plants, not a lot, but a fairly good amount that are growing. I ordered more. I would like to redo my substrate with fresh substrate by removing the twigs and large debris and adding a little sand and clay in the mix before a layer of sand, but I'm afraid of killing the plants I have by removing them from the old soil and replanting them to the new. Thinking of putting everything in a plastic tote, some substrate with the same water while I take on the project. What would you do? Let the current substrate "mature" a few weeks/months more? Or a complete substrate overhaul, which will also require a cycle of a few weeks before adding live stock? I'm concern of the old substrate that it has way too much debris to break down before it settles just right.😕 Thank you!!
  6. I been looking into the Diane Walstad method. I'm going to let the tank go through the cycle for a few months. Im adding more plants to the tank.
  7. I didn't sift the soil at first to remove woody pieces. That could also be the issue. Thank you for the advice!
  8. Yeah, I had my suspicions. What do you think about Fluval Stratum or Aqueon?
  9. I have organic garden soil. I believe its miracle grow without the slow release fertilizer stuff, organic. It's been running a few months now. The water changes have been recently these past few days. I understand that bubbles are normal and it should have a curtain smell. My concern if it raises the ammonia levels. Thank you!
  10. How much of crushed coral do you recommend for a 10 gal tank and do you drop it in or gently mix it into the substrate?
  11. Thank you for the tip!
  12. Lost all my fish. Betta is the lone survivor!
  13. Hello All! I would like to thank everyone for their help lately, and especially your patience in helping me out with my questions. I'm a noob at this hobby, and I'm enjoying it! I have a 10gal tank with 1" or so of soil and 2" or so of sand. Live plants. I lost some fish recently due to an ammonia spike. It was recommended to do a water change that eventually killed the rest of the fish and shrimp after the water changes. Ammonia was pretty high, I guess. Betta was an only survivor, Shohei (named him after the baseball player 😉) is a fighter! I'm going to continue to do water changes until water is safe for more fish. My question is... Does the type of substrate that I have raise the ammonia levels? Every once in a while I see bubbles, which I know is normal. I few bubbles popped under my nose as I was looking close and had a smelly scent. I would think it's normal for the substrate to have a smell, and it wasn't a really bad rotting smell like stagnant water would, but it had a smell to it, and I was wondering if it can raise or keep ammonia levels high. Again, thank you for your help!!
  14. Already lost 3 fish and a couple of shrimp.😞 Hopefully the water changes keeps from losing any more.
  15. It's the bone that smells bad. The water seems fine in regards to smell. Still recommend water change?
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